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" can help with all your registration needs" sport listings... Easily Canada’s premiere multisport registration company for all participatory sports. Annually over 1000 events will collect their registrations via’s secure and customized solutions. Generally, systems are built free of charge to the event and usage fees are collected to recover that investment and cover the credit card fees.

Each System is customizable and geared towards the size and complexity of the event. Smaller one time events may have simple solutions, whereas long term and large event may receive all sorts of extras to help them be more cost effective and efficient like forms that match their sites look and feel, additional websites, specialty tools, marketing campaigns, and general consultations.

Get your event found on our industry leading directory of events. Small and large events alike can chose their level of exposure, and all events have the option of at least a small listing in our directory. Some small events can even compete with the big ones by getting more exposure via extra large listings. It's all up to you... is the friend and partner of events, web designers, and participants alike. We help everyone specialize in what they need to do best, while taking on the responsibility for this very delicate and specialized skill-set. Don't make the error of treating your client’s transactions and data in a way that might victimize you on the front page of tomorrows paper... and DO register and transact through a trusted and reputable source.

See an event you like... go ahead and register using Canada’s most trusted and secure choice for over 10 years. Want to add your event to the list, or set up a registration system, we are certain we can prove ourselves to be the right choice. Contact us now at

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